Aug 2022

Value Global Announces Certification as a Texas Minority-Owned Business

Value Global, LLC, local office located Tomball, Texas, is pleased to announce the granting of certification status as a Minority-owned Business Enterprise...

Aug 2022

Proposed H-1B Visa Program Changes Spell Uncertainty

It’s nearly impossible to have missed political discourse regarding the Trump administration’s temporary travel ban...

Aug 2022

Oil and Gas Industry Leaders Leverage New Tech

Terms like “the cloud,” “big data,” “analytics,” and “the Internet of Things (IoT)” are making news...

Jul 2022

Artificial Intelligence Is Making Automated Testing Faster and Better than Ever

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in the midst of an artificial intelligence (AI) revolution — but not the scary Hollywood-movie kind, of course....

Jul 2022

Value Global Managing Principals Talk Company History and Passion

Value Global is known for enterprise services and custom, client-centric IT solutions....

Jul 2022

What Top 2018 Tech Trends Could Impact Your Business?

We’ve hardly scratched the surface of 2018, but it’s never too early to anticipate and prepare for technology trends and developments promising to shape the future of managed services...

Jul 2022

Are You Ready for Cloud Application Migration?

As more company decision-makers understand the benefits of implementing cloud technologies, many are beginning to shift more of their on-premises business systems to the cloud....

Jun 2022

Cloud Security Is Extremely Important in Today’s World.

Most likely, you have a security system at your home or business. It probably includes an alarm system, cameras, or keypads....

Jun 2022

Transform Your DevOps: Go Digital

The cloud revolution has reshaped the way we function as business professionals, improving efficiencies and streamlining processes....

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