Value Global Managing Principals Talk Company History and Passion

Value Global is known for enterprise services and custom, client-centric IT solutions. Founded on a consulting background, experts continue to offer innovative approaches to client services. Those at Value Global balance clients large and small on a variety of projects. Their solutions encompass managed and support services to keep users operating efficiently and business leaders seeing greater returns on their investments.

An interview with two Value Global Managing Principals, Kumar Nadar and Shree Sannabhadti, pulled back the curtain on the company’s history and the industry as a whole in the last decade.

Shree Sannabhadti founded Value Global in mid-2006 with the goal of solving issues he perceived in enterprise resource planning (ERP).

“What bothered me was that ERP was the same for over 20 years with no progress,” Sannabhadti said, “but we could see the world move from phones to smartphones and laptops.”

A customer-centric history then, now, and moving forward

“We were very focused on providing solutions to customers from a consulting background,” said Nadar, who joined the company in early 2007.

As Value Global and the services its people provide continue to grow, adapting to a decade-plus of change, Sannabhadti and Nadar remain committed to working on the customer side. Today, they’re working to optimize client solutions that offer coverage to all aspects of business — not just tech. They note the cloud revolution’s impact on those not only within Value Global but also across the entire industry. The cloud allows for more optimized solutions and services; thus, using the cloud can shrink project time to completion in a timely manner.

“What we’re seeing are changes across the board,” Sannabhadti said of cloud-based services. “We can do a lot of things very quickly that were impossible before.”

“The biggest change has been how business functions as a service,” Nadar added. “Most IT functions used to be all in-house, but now companies are able utilize additional resources from outside providers as-needed … eventually what will happen is you’ll see IT — and everything else — become a service. We differentiate ourselves in that we can leverage [services] and enable you to access the service as required.”

To date, cloud integration and resulting cloud solutions are perhaps the biggest changes Sannabhadti and Nadar have seen in terms of service expansion and offerings. However, the principals plan to incorporate other tools like machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and more technology surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT). Although — Sannabhadti admitted — there’s still work to be done, they’re proud of the innovative, highly focused ways they map out solutions for their customers.

“Other companies rarely try to understand their customers — and their customers’ customers,” he said. “With data analytics, we are able to support our customers with actionable insights into their customers’ patterns and preferences as well as other valuable market information.”

Driven by innovation and passion

The Value Global name is built on its employees’ commitments to reliable and customer-centric solutions, and the managing principals ensure their passion for their work shines through. Nadar enjoys being client-focused, learning about challenges with customers, and working together to find solutions. His drive, he said, is based on getting to know different groups of people and areas of business, then creating customized solutions to meet their current and long-term needs.

“I like supporting customers by helping them scale their businesses from start-up modes to successful companies,” Nadar said.

“To me, the key thing is to ‘wow’ customers,” Sannabhadti said. “Not just happy, but to say ‘wow, these guys have done something out of the ordinary.’ The end goal is to give them what they want … and to take them to the next level.”

He attributes much of Value Global’s success to employees’ client-centered focus and relationship-building efforts. Most customers have worked with Value Global experts for nearly a decade, which he says helps them leverage their business as a team.

“There are different aspects of the work that I love, so to pick a favorite project is like asking which kid you love the most,” Sannabhadti said.

When reflecting on a particular client he said, “They had to build an application to handle near-misses; we took some data and by the second week had a solution. Their eyes lit up … some of these solutions feel like giving eyes to the blind and, to me, that is very satisfying.”

In the end, Nadar and Sannabhadti agree that Value Global is first and foremost about building and nurturing good relationships while staying innovative. It’s clear these two, along with others at Value Global, are not only dedicated but also passionate about helping their clients and providing innovative solutions. From their early days of consulting to providing their own highly innovative range of tech and business solutions, those at Value Global look forward to continuing their growth for years to come.

Throughout the company’s entire history, those at Value Global have been committed to innovation, collaboration, and customization. Today, they help businesses by applying industry expertise to develop client-centric solutions across a range of technologies. Visit Value Global online to learn more.

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