Managed Services Providers: Partners, Not Replacements

Technology is advancing is so quickly that it seems like there are not enough qualified tech professionals to go
around, creating a growing IT skills gap. Lacking IT personnel can impede day-to-day business operations,
overall company goals, and, ultimately, the bottom line. According to a ChannelPro Network article, CompTIA researchers found that eight out of 10
business executives are concerned about the IT skills gaps within their organizations. This skills gap can
create heftier workloads and hinder employee satisfaction. In addition, when in-house teams lack key resources —
including enough staff members — their abilities to innovate wane. Insufficient resources can also create a
pattern of reactivity, forcing in-house teams to put out more fires because they’re unable to take proactive measures with limited time or
skills. Plus, having fewer skilled professionals available can make an already expensive and competitive hiring
landscape even harder to traverse, putting increasing pressure on today’s tech leaders.

Gaining additional resources

In response, many chief information officers (CIOs) and other IT executives are turning to managed services
providers (MSPs) in efforts to bridge the gap. MSPs can alleviate many stresses by identifying areas ripe for
improvements, implementing the technology necessary to make those changes, and offering ongoing monitoring and
support. However, there is a common misconception that mistakes MSPs as in-house IT staff replacements rather
than partners.

In reality, MSPs are often responsible for ensuring day-to-day functionality such as data backup and security.
For example, MSPs can help IT executives assess their Cloud application readiness and provide strategic support during data migrations, tasks their in-house teams may neither have the time nor appropriate
resources for. This can take pressure off in-house teams, enabling them to focus on bigger-picture tasks like meeting strategic project goals,
improving user experiences and customer satisfaction, as well as meeting or exceeding business objectives.

MSPs can also augment their partners’ IT and staff setups with shared services, a diverse pool of resources available on an as-needed basis. This
empowers tech leaders to scale personnel support and technology resources only when necessary, helping to lower
costs while achieving project goals. Just remember: Not all MSPs are created equal, so it’s important to be

Ensuring valuable partnerships

When choosing an MSP, tech decision-makers can often feel pressured to use shrinking costs as key criteria for
bringing on MSPs, especially during times of economic downturn, according to the CIO article. It’s
important to partner with MSP experts who not only understand their technology but also their clients’ specific
industries and businesses.

An effective partnership keeps business — not just technology — at the forefront of all planning. Many seasoned
MSPs have existing relationships with vendors, which often means they can secure
good rates and fast responses on products and services for their clients; MSPs can also leverage these
relationships to renegotiate vendor contracts if necessary.

Over the years, significant demand for MSPs and their services has spurred more strategic partnerships. The MSP’s
role has evolved from simply offering services to being a true consultant and business partner to clients. For
some tech leaders, an MSP’s technical support and services are enough to help in-house teams bridge the skills
gap. Increasingly, however, more IT executives are turning to MSPs for customized experiences and specific expertise as they adapt their
strategies to meet changing customer needs. Overall, it’s essential for any business leader planning to work
with an MSP to remember that MSPs are not replacements — they’re partners!

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