Jan 2022

Needles and Digital Haystacks: Storing and Accessing Your Digitized Documents

It used to be that validating an old piece of information meant manually searching through a warehouse full of storage boxes...

Jan 2022

The Right Staff For the Right Company — How Do You Choose the Right Hire?

Employee replacement is expensive. Not only is your staff’s work not getting done...

Jan 2022

Innovate Your Infrastructure

In the early years of the digital age, your company most likely purchased and managed all of its technology needs in-house....

Jan 2022

Why You Should Consider Infrastructure Innovation After the WannaCry Attack

The IT industry has had another wake-up call, and it is time to innovate your infrastructure to avoid another nightmare....

Dec 2021

How Can Retailers Harness Big Data?

Big data analytics are becoming increasingly indispensable across most industries, including retail. When retailers clearly understand their industry by leveraging key information...

Dec 2021

Non-functional Testing Affects Your Bottom Line

Is there anything more frustrating than an app that crashes or a website that just wont load? Companies are well aware of how quickly a user will dismiss a product that doesn’t work...

Dec 2021

Automated, Accelerated, Applied: How Machine Learning Can Improve Your Managed Services

For any company that relies on managed service providers (MSPs) to automate IT services and streamline operations...

Dec 2021

Role of Technology During Natural Disasters

Mother Nature will always have her way with the world. While we can predict paths of natural disasters as they form...

Nov 2021

How Can You Use AWS Services to Support Your Hybrid Cloud in Your Digital Transformation?

In November 2016, the International Data Corporation released an IDC FutureScape report,...

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