Jun 2022

Solve Your Resource Management Woes with As-Needed Services

The IT industry landscape is constantly changing, and with that comes increasing expectations and demands....

Jun 2022

Descriptive or Predictive? How to Evaluate Your Data Maturity

How are advances such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data shaking up the ways tech leaders do ...

May 2022

Migration Strategies within Enterprise Platforms

Behind any successful IT organization lies a network of well-functioning and up-to-date enterprise applications....

May 2022

Cloud Apps Versus Traditional Apps: What’s the Difference?

Many of us would like to think of “cloud computing” as having a single definition....

May 2022

Data Analytics: What Does the Oil and Gas Industry Stand to Gain?

Big data and data analytics are changing the game for nearly every industry, and oil and gas is no different....

May 2022

Get the Best of Both Worlds with a Hybrid Cloud

Every IT professional knows — in this world of shifting expectations, markets, and technologies — the key to maintaining a competitive advantage is leveraging cloud computing....

Apr 2022

4 Best Practices for Oil Production Allocation

As valuable team members, production accountants handle vast amounts of data derived from oil wells and gas lines. ...

Apr 2022

Is Automated Agile Testing Right for You?

Quick, continuous, and collaborative — these are three words that characterize agile software development. IT experts have used ...

Apr 2022

Managed Services Providers: Partners, Not Replacements

Technology is advancing is so quickly that it seems like there are not enough qualified tech professionals to go around...

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