Oct 2022

Catalyzing Change Through IT Investments

As 2015 comes to a close, it’s natural to reflect on the triumphs and tribulations of the past year...

Oct 2022

3 Key Elements of Successful Global Teams

Whether nearshore or offshore, through in-house hires or through a capable partner...

Oct 2022

Big Data and the Big Dance

The NCAA Tournament is famous for its unpredictability. This year, the University of North Carolina...

Oct 2022

Building Your Legacy in the Cloud

Because so many people are still unsure of what exactly “the Cloud” is...

Sep 2022

Azure vs. AWS: Comparing the Best of the Best

If you’re looking to migrate your ERP system to the Cloud ...

Sep 2022

Optimized Process, Optimized Business

Optimized process make for an optimized business. Makes sense, right? But Optimization’s powerful foe is the Status Quo...

Sep 2022

Why IT Should Be an M&A Power Player

After decades of operating under one model, a company’s strategy changes...

Aug 2022

Data in translation

When you travel to a different country, how do you prepare...

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