Shared Services

In times of economic downturn, minimalist operations often cause internal resources to be over-utilized and over-extended during periods of high activity or system failures, at which point day-to-day tasks and projects are at risk of falling behind. Productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction plummet, beginning a vicious cycle that is incredibly difficult to break.

Shared Services from Value Global can help you augment your existing IT support with a diversified pool of resources that can be utilized on an as-needed basis. Local consultants with extensive industry knowledge have the flexibility to co-locate with your team and work face-to-face on projects or issues. In addition, we bring cutting edge IT skills with latest technologies in Oracle, SOA, BI, Mobile, and Cloud space.


  • Complementary support on an as-needed basis
  • Augmented skill set
  • Flexible, scalable service model
  • Blended hourly rate allows for a lower cost of ownership than single FTE
  • Leverage of existing systems
  • Veteran knowledge of client environment, challenges, and processes
  • Two separate engagement options: No-Risk Time and Material Support or Low-Cost Block Support

This flexible service model is available through two different engagement models, ensuring that our Shared Services Solution can fit any budget. Value Global resources will work side by side with your internal team to not only “keep the lights on”, but ensure that those lights burn brightly towards your future goals.

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