Oil and Gas Industry Leaders Leverage New Tech

Terms like “the cloud,” “big data,” “analytics,” and “the Internet of Things (IoT)” are making news, and insiders mention we’re in a new digital revolution. Why? Simply put, advanced technology developments are giving company leaders new levels of visibility, access, and efficiencies with their businesses and customers — and many are taking full advantage. Big data describes the huge amount of information to which business leaders have access. The cloud is a means to store data in off-site servers, and analytics refers to the studying and using of the collected data. The Internet of Things (IoT), in its simplest form, refers to how computers and other machines connect...
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Proposed H-1B Visa Program Changes Spell Uncertainty

It’s nearly impossible to have missed political discourse regarding the Trump administration’s temporary travel ban and proposed changes to work visas in the United States. These changes could have broad implications and impact many people in various industries. In January, President Trump and his team hinted at changing the H-1B work visa program, which allows skilled foreigners to enter the United States by working for companies, particularly in the tech industry. Currently, the H-1B work visa program allows 65,000 skilled workers — with an additional 20,000 holding Master’s degrees — into the United States to fill specialty occupations including sciences, engineering,...
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Value Global Announces Certification as a Texas Minority-Owned Business

Value Global, LLC, local office located Tomball, Texas, is pleased to announce the granting of certification status as a Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE) by the Houston chapter of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). The NMSDC is one of the countries leading corporate membership organizations and aims to help organizations meet their growing need for greater supplier diversity. Being officially recognized as a MBE strengthens Value Global’s ability to meet the business needs of our partners and clients in Texas, as well as expand our innovative services to new industries and technologies. Value Global is honored to be a part of this vibrant and driven...
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Data in Translation

When you travel to a different country, how do you prepare? Making sure your passport is up-to-date is clearly crucial, as is packing the appropriate clothing. Maybe you change your phone plan to an international one so that you can communicate to your friends and family back home. But what about tools for translation - how do you make sure your devices still work? How do you make sure you can understand the local language? Sure, these concerns aren't quite as pressing or as obvious as, say, buying a plane ticket, but they will certainly affect your trip if you neglect to address them. Without them, your ability to function drops significantly. In IT, data travelling between...
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Why IT Should Be an M&A Power Player

Scenario: After decades of operating under one model, a company’s strategy changes; the board, the executives and the market forces in a grand alliance decide to shift the operations in a new direction. Will they become, smaller, nimbler, more focused? Or will they expand their reach, conquering new markets or business verticals? Once the decision is made, the strategy is laid out and a roadmap starts to evolve. Throw a buyer or a seller into the mix and we are witnessing the birth of a brand new enterprise! Merger and acquisition (M&A) or divestiture periods are undoubtedly disruptive and chaotic. Almost all organizations will struggle with the sequence of priorities because...
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Optimized Process, Optimized Business

Optimized process make for an optimized business. Makes sense, right? But Optimization's powerful foe is the Status Quo, which relies on inertia and a "well, we've always done it this way" attitude" to halt change and stifle innovation. In today's competitive and fast-moving environment, however, businesses can't afford to hesitate or lag behind in adapting to the marketplace. Business Process Management (BPM) is a discipline that involves the design, analysis, monitoring, and control of these processes. With BPM, processes can become more transparent and therefore easier to monitor, which in turn helps to identify and correct any bottlenecks or problems. With BPM, the time and effort...
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Azure vs. AWS: Comparing the Best of the Best

If you’re looking to migrate your ERP system to the Cloud, you're in luck - you've got a ton of options. But between Google, Salesforce, AWS, Oracle, and Azure, this same amazing opportunity for choice can cause decision paralysis. With so many trusted industry players getting in on the Cloud game with fantastic products, it’s hard to know which option is truly the best for your enterprise. While we’re not going to break down every Cloud option for you (seriously, the list is way too long!), we are going to walk you through a comparison of two of the biggest, most prominent options: Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. We’ve previously broken down the basics and features...
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The Everything Cloud

In some senses, Amazon has come a long way since its inception as an alternate to the brick-and-mortar bookstore in 1994. Even Jeff Bezos, who declared that he wanted to turn Amazon the biggest store in the world, did not predict the degree to which it would surpass his vision. The company has not only grown exponentially, but completely transformed the way people shop...for anything. So perhaps it makes sense that their biggest, most profitable service ever is another startling disruptor. And no, we’re not talking about 2-Day shipping (although we probably won’t argue with you either). We’re talking about Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides on-demand computing resources and...
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Building Your Legacy in the Cloud

Because so many people are still unsure of what exactly "the Cloud" is, we tend to think of it as a buzzword, a brand new addition to the world of IT. In reality, cloud computing has been around for the last 45 years, with the first documented usage in the 1970s. In fact, you may not have realized it, but the first time you personally accessed the Cloud was through that Hotmail or Yahoo account you signed up for in 1996! Of course, today’s age of cloud computing is much more sophisticated and has a significantly wider influence across all industry sectors. Especially in the last few years, the impact of the cloud has spread leaps and bounds from the IT systems of cutting edge companies...
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Big Data and the Big Dance

The NCAA Tournament is famous for its unpredictability. This year, the University of North Carolina, the University of Virginia, the University of Kansas and the University of Oregon are the top teams vying for tournament glory, but the odds are that at least one of these teams will be taken down by an underdog before reaching the Final Four. Every year, sports pundits and fans alike eagerly wait to see who the next "Cinderella story" will be, who will take up the mantle held by teams like Butler in 2011, George Mason University in 2006 and North Carolina State in 1983. In fact, since seeding began in 1979, only once – in 2008 – have all four top-seeded teams made it to the Final...
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